Thursday, 22 March 2012


The first of the cherry blossoms in our Vancouver neighbourhood!

A birth! A new being! A new beginning!


This space, The Feast of the Feminine, is dedicated to the Divine Feminine in all Her glory and to the beautiful, abundant feast she offers. She is the feast! As the yin aspect of God, she's the open, receptive, flowing, creative, deep, knowing presence. And, of course, the feminine is not specific to gender. She is present in all forms and, inclusive of all, including the masculine.

This shift in consciousness that is happening on our planet is the return of the Divine Feminine. She's here! We're all awakening to and receiving this expression of the Divine within.

As more is revealed about what will be here in this space, I'll share it. At this moment, it's a birth! And it's been a joy-filled process. One step at a time, dancing through the not-knowing. This being's name appeared to me recently along with the sense of a brand new beginning. I'm simply following the clues. Listening. Obeying. And enjoying the unfolding!

I invite you to join me in this great exploration of the Divine Feminine.

Happy New Moon!
22 March 2012
7:37am pacific time
02:22 Aries

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