Friday, 15 January 2016

welcome, miracles!

i just discovered that this is post #900!
no wonder the sparkle stars appeared
thank you thank you thank you
to all 
wonderful wise wakeful watchful wild warmhearted welcoming whole willing well worthy
and especially to those who joined me in satsang last night
deep bows of gratitude!
after the meeting i was shown a book
and opened it to a page and saw this quote
"Be realistic - plan for a miracle." 
~ Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh
Native American proverb
from our 40 Days (+) of Gratitude Practice Play 
is still floating around in awareness
"Give thanks for unknown blessings
already on their way."
it came to me slightly modified
Give thanks for unknown miracles
already on their way!
thank you, unknown miracles!
welcome, miracles!
(a theme from the satsangs for this year is beginning to emerge ~ miracles miracles miracles!)
Happy day of giving thanks for & of welcoming Miracles!

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