Saturday, 19 August 2017

joy joy joy in the heart!

my romance with "Summer Romance" (above)
is alive and well and strong!
i don't know how it works
that certain people, places, things
spark joy in our hearts
for no reason at all
and yet it happens all the time
the universe unveils itself
in such magical mysterious ways!

the same thing happens with this mantra/song
(sparks joy in my heart)
i heard it for the first time
way back in january
when we were kitties+doggie sitting on bowen island
i burst into tears
when the song started playing
and just loved hearing it
and then it was forgotten about 
until a few days ago
i had taken a picture of the album
(so that i could remember it)
and found it in my photo collection
again, more tears
when i played it
a dear friend who knows this mantra and spiritual tradition well
wrote to me:
"Yogi Bhajan says that if you sing it,
your body, mind, and soul come together
and the need of life is automatically adjusted.
It guarantees by the Grace of Guru Amar Das (the hope of the hopeless)
and Guru Ram Das (the King of the yogis and bestower of blessings, past, present and future)
that the prayer will be answered."
i can really feel it working in my heart

i'm leaving this mantra/song with you
while tomas & i toodle off on our annual camping adventure
we're hoping to see the full solar eclipse in oregon!
we'll be home at the end of next week
perhaps with photos & stories to share

remember to stay super conscious during the eclipse on monday!
(21 august 2017)

happy blessed summer adventures to you!

Love & Blessings

p.s. a deep bow of Love & Gratitude to Nirinjan Kaur for sharing this profound beauty with the world.

Nirinjan Kaur ~ Ardas Bhaee

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