Saturday, 28 October 2017



While in the midst
of those who hate,
to dwell free from hating 
is happiness indeed.

While in the midst
of those who are troubled,
to dwell untroubled 
is happiness indeed.

While in the midst 
of those who are greedy,
to dwell free from greed
is happiness indeed.

We dwell happily,
free from anxiety;
like radiant beings
in celestial realms 
we rejoice in delight.

Victory leads to hatred,
for the defeated suffer.
The peaceful live happily,
beyond victory and defeat.

There is no fire like lust,
no distress like hatred,
no pain like the burden of attachment,
no joy like the peace of liberation.

Hunger is the greatest affliction,
conditionality the greatest 
source of despair.
The wise, seeing this as it is,
realize liberation, the greatest joy.

A healthy mind is the greatest gain.
Contentment is the greatest wealth.
A trustworthy friend is the best of kin.
Unconditional freedom 
is the highest bliss.

Tasting the flavour of solitude 
and the nectar of peace,
those who drink the joy
that is the essence of reality 
abide free from fear of evil.

It is always a pleasure 
not to have to encounter fools.
It is always good to see noble beings 
and a delight to live with them.

Tedious is the company of fools,
always painful, like being 
surrounded by enemies;
but to associate with the wise
is like being at home.

You should follow the ways 
of those who are steadfast,
discerning, pure and aware,
just as the moon follows 
the path of the stars.

~ A Dhammapada for Contemplation 
A rendering by
Ajahn Munindo

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