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"Within the still sacred space that Moni provides, 
it is easy to find the inner stillness that is the essence of who you are."

~ Eckhart Tolle

It is my joy to offer Presence meetings to groups and individuals. I know deep in my Being that these meetings are what I was born to do. This is my calling, my work here, though I can’t really call it work in the traditional sense, since I Love it so much!
Years ago, in the mid-eighties, I graduated from the Child Care Counselling Program at a local college where I learned valuable skills for counselling children, youth and families who were experiencing challenges. I used these skills working in treatment centers, group homes and schools.
Years later, a deeper training for being-with-others came from the years of attending meetings and retreats with Eckhart Tolle, as well as from the many hours spent closely in his Presence. For a few years, I worked as Eckhart’s personal assistant. I learned the invaluable skills of true listening, holding the space of presence and of truly meeting another, being the space.
During this intense ‘training’ period of attending meetings, retreats, reading many spiritual teachings, along with Eckhart’s guidance and through Grace, a series of shifts in consciousness, of realizations, happened. These resulted in this permanent constant knowing of Being, the essence of who we all are. There was a coming home and resting here.

In 2002, I began offering private sessions and weekly group meetings. Now, more than 14 years later, I’ve had the joy of holding hundreds of meetings, not only in Vancouver, BC, where I live, but also in other parts of Canada, the USA, the UK, France and Spain. The focus of these meetings is the realization of our true Self, awakening to This that we are and staying awake. 

Along the way, I’ve discovered where my gifts reside. I have the ability to hold the space of Presence, of the Now. I have the ability to point others to their true nature and also to point to what they are not. I can listen deeply. I also have the ability of clearing inner space ~ inner space renovations. Clearing, cleansing, revitalizing. Preparing the field for seeds to be sown, and planting the seeds. I am skilled in creating beauty. 
To my meetings, I also bring the skills I’ve learned through studying a language called GeoTran, which is a numerical, digital, geometric language of the fields of all possibility. It's a powerful tool that is easy to use, works quickly and effectively and produces rapid shifts. This profound system uses muscle testing and an integration process, which includes intention & priority, to work not only on re-educating the brain and on creating new neuro pathways, but also working at the atomic level. GeoTran works from the inside out. During my intense 'training' period with Eckhart, I also attended many GeoTran weekend and longer seminars. They work beautifully together to help create a quantum shift in consciousness. I've recently returned to GeoTran and am delighted to study with its founder and extraordinary master teacher, Dorothy Espiau. 

I experience each meeting, individual or group, as an act of creation and love. Divine creation. Divine Love. Together we create what ever it is that we were called together for. Together we hold the space of Presence. Together we deeply explore and listen. Together we receive the insights, the answers, the inspirations, the knowings, the blessings, the miracles, the Grace.

Group meeting dates are posted here.

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(this is what I've been told about the meetings i hold:)

Illuminating ♡ Liberating ♡ Transformative 


with Love & Blessings 

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