Sunday, 1 April 2012

In the pink!

Yesterday afternoon, I was pulled outside into the rain. These pink beauties, ballerinas (to quote a friend) from across the street were calling. They offered such a refreshing, renewing energy. 

And then the magnolias, who live down the lane, called as well!

When I returned home, this greeted me on one of our steps! Who knows where it came from. I had never seen it before. Instantly, I knew it was the confirmation to something I've been playing with. Such delight and surprise! 

This morning, the same ballerinas called again! Uncontainable joy arose while standing under them. And a feeling of pure heaven. The presence of God. I almost burst with tears and love and bliss.

See the light glistening on the raindrop?

Our dear heart (Tabouli) found a sunny spot on the back deck this morning. Such a beauty boy!

Recently, we ate in a Greek restaurant in Vancouver that serves their delicious food on unique placemats. Each mat has a different Greek quote beautifully written on it. One at our table said this:

I said to the almond tree, "Friend, speak to me of God," and the almond tree blossomed.

~ Nikos Kazantzakis

(Author of Zorba The Greek.)

I loved it! It resonates deeply. I realized that this is what happens to us humans. We hear the words of God, and the silence of God and we blossom. God speaks to us and we blossom. I've noticed more and more that all I want to hear are those true words of God. The silence of God. God speaking. Perhaps the same is true for you. When we have the ability, the capacity, to hear, which is to listen deeply, nothing is more precious or sacred than God speaking. This capacity comes from knowing who we are at our deepest level and knowing our creator, the source of our being, God. We attune ourselves to God, to God's words, to God's silence. And something happens. We blossom.

Deep listening is a quality of the divine feminine. We can cultivate this quality by being out of our heads and being aware of the stillness, within and without. Be still and listen. The stillness is big and spaciousness and quiet. And it's alive and vibrant and potent. This is where we live. Here. This is where we know God. A deep and constant knowing. Listening to God, conversing with God. It's heaven on earth!

Happy cultivating and blossoming!

P.S. I've returned to using the word 'God' to describe the undescribable. If you don't love that label, please replace it with one that resonates with your heart. Last summer when Tomas & I were sharing satsang in Rochester, we met a lovely man in one of our meetings. I used the word 'God' and then qualified it, offering other possible options such as consciousness, awareness, stillness, the universe, etc. This man was practically bouncing in his seat. He said that he loves all of the names for describing God and spoke them. He was so excited and so lit up when speaking these names. It was a joy to witness!

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