Monday, 6 March 2017

Somos Quilt themes ~ part 1

no sooner had the somos quilt been bundled up
and snuggled into its pillow case
that the themes of the quilt
starting coming to me
(it's the way my brain works)
i wrote a list
it's a way of seeing some of the squares close up
and also a way of recording the squares
for when this being is living in Guatemala

right from the start, the obvious theme is the pink

the next one seems to be the collection of hearts

thanks for looking!
it's likely i'll be posting 
more of the themes 
during the week

the birds & animals
the flowers
the pockets
the embroideries
the messages
the patterns
the flavours


  1. It's so beautiful... there's so much love in it. Thank you for sharing it all on the blog!

  2. Thanks for enjoying it, Carmy! xo


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